S. L. "Susie" Nakatsu Prize in Pharmacology & Toxicology

Donor Story

Established by Dr. Kanji Nakatsu, Queen’s faculty 1973-2017. Dr. Nakatsu established this prize in recognition of his wife, Susie’s contributions in support of teaching and research at Queen’s. Families, particularly a spouse, play an important role in ensuring that faculty members have the time and energy to perform at their best in all realms of academia. This prize honours one such person, “Susie” Nakatsu.

Fund Description

The Prize was established to provide a non-monetary award to an undergraduate student on the basis of their academic achievement in undergraduate pharmacology and toxicology coursework. The annual prize will be presented in the form of a token of recognition to an undergraduate student achieving the top overall academic performance in at least three 3rd and 4th year undergraduate pharmacology and toxicology courses (course codes PHAR and DDHT).