The Alexander & Cora Munn Summer Research Award

Established by Alexander Munn, B.A. ‘42 (History and Economics) and Cora Munn, B.A. ‘72 (French and English).

This Fund was created to encourage and financially assist students who are interested in conservation and environmental preservation with a preference given to those who have a special interest in woodlot and wildlife conservation.

We are strong proponents of the protection and management of our forests. For a good portion of our lives we have rehabilitated land, planted trees and sustainably managed what is now a seventy-six acre managed forest. For us, the care of our forests and wildlife is of the utmost importance to the future of us all.

A large variety of wildlife and plant life now thrive in it "the managed forest". Careful selective harvesting will ensure an increasingly valuable woodlot, thriving wildlife, personal satisfaction and some financial remuneration.