The Arts '49 Principal Wallace Fellowship

Established by members of the Class of Arts '49 and friends in memory of Dr. Robert Charles Wallace, Principal of Queen's University from 1936-1951.

This fund was started after the 50th reunion of Arts'49. i.e. after Sept 1999. Our committee was inspired by previous gifts given to the University in memory of Dr. Wallace donated by a fellow classmate. Arts'49 came to the campus in the fall of 1945 - the first year following the end of WWII. Probably the majority of our class consisted of returning veterans.

We were all hugely impressed by Dr. Wallace who welcomed us to the campus in very generous terms. His daughter Elspeth was also a member of our year - highly regarded and very popular.

It became very fitting for us to set up this fund as a gift to the University in memory of this wonderful principal. The fund is still active and we hope to increase its value for as long as our classmates can give to it.

Committee: John Chance Per Pres, David Day, Stewart Fyfe, Elspeth Baugh (deceased), George Toller.