The Ben Kropp Prize in Anatomy

Established in memory of Benjamin Nathan Kropp by twelve colleagues and friends. Their intent was to honour his memory as a respected teacher and as a scientist with a life-long commitment to the field of anatomy. The daughters of Benjamin Kropp chose to add to the Prize in 2004 to further emphasize the importance of Anatomy as an area of study and to honour a student who shares their father's commitment to the subject and to excellence in learning.

In 1938, Dr. Kropp joined the Anatomy Department of Queen's University. Although it may seem surprising now, he was the first openly Jewish professor hired at Queen's. He taught anatomy, histology and embryology until he "retired" and took a post at Louisiana State University. Through CIDA he assisted in establishing the Medical School at the University of Ghana, and then taught at the University of the West Indies in laboratories once a week. He taught until he was eighty-nine years old.