The Bob Pritchard Rugby Award

Donor Story:

I have always been interested in sports both as a participant and as a spectator. I was never the best athlete on the field but I worked hard and prided myself on being where l was supposed to be and when. I listened to my coaches and learned from those around me, both team-mates and opponents.  Those attributes stood me well in my sports career, academically and in the work place.

Rugby has been a passion of mine since I started playing in Deep River, Ontario in 1959. I played for the Gaels from 1961-1964 and I graduated from Queen’s with a Engineering Physics. I played for two years in England while completing an M.Sc. in Information Engineering and getting some on-the-job-experience. After returning to Canada, I played just over three years for one of the top clubs in Eastern Canada.  Since retiring as a player I have remained active with the game as an organizer, booster and manager while enjoying a successful career in the computer industry.    

I attribute much of my success since leaving Queen’s to what I learned here in the classrooms and on the playing fields. I have been a proud alumni of Queen’s and the rugby program ever since. With the establishment of the Bob Pritchard Rugby Award, I hope to perpetuate continued success of student-athletes on both the men’s and women’s varsity rugby teams and enable them to reach their full potentials both in their playing careers and in their lives after being active players.


Fund Description:

Established by Bob Pritchard, B.Sc. 1964. Awarded on the basis of academic achievement and athletic excellence to student-athletes in any degree program who are on the competition roster of the Gaels interuniversity men’s or women’s rugby teams.