The C.G. Prado Prize in Philosophy

Donor Story: 

The prize in Philosophy was set up when a former student sent the department head a cheque "for Professor Prado's retirement." I and others then contributed and built up the endowment.  Then, three or four years ago, another former student more than doubled the endowment. I felt the prize was and continues to be an appropriate way of remember my own doctorate at Queen's and my thirty-some years of teaching philosophy.

Fund Description:

Established in June 2008 by faculty and friends in honour of Carlos G. Prado, Ph.D. 1970, who was born in Guatemala, and received degrees from University of California at Berkeley and Queen's. During his distinguished career at Queen's he published more than a dozen books, supervised over thirty Ph.D. and M.A. theses, and inspired many students. The prize will provide an annual award to a graduate student in the Department of Philosophy who submits an outstanding doctoral thesis. To be eligible, a Doctoral student’s thesis must be submitted within 7 years of the candidate’s first registration in the Ph.D. program in the Department of Philosophy.