The Danny Norman Blythe Scholarship

This scholarship was given to honour the memory of the late Danny Norman Blythe, (1963-1990), B.A. (Hons.) ’85 (Queen’s) by his parents Norman and Hazel Blythe; his uncle and aunt Joe and Thelma McKeown, his cousins Doug and Brenda Werden (McKeown) B.A.(Hons.) ’76 (Queen’s); and his Godson Dustyn Werden.

Danny Norman Blythe, the only child of Norman and Hazel Blythe, was born June 16, 1963, at Kingston. He resided with his parent all his life until his untimely death in an automobile accident on August 9, 1990, on month before he was to be married.

Danny completed his B.A. (Hons.) in Sociology/Criminology at Queen’s in 1985. He then worked towards his Masters degree, which was near completion. His research interests were in policing.

Following his years at Queen’s, Danny was employed as a Canada Customs Inspector. He possessed an unselfish attitude towards accepting duties above and beyond what was required within his job description. There were no bounds to what he felt were required to fulfill his job to the fullest extent, yet his respect for fellow workers was always paramount. Being the caring, giving individual that he was, he received a commendation from his place of employment for helping to save lives at an automobile accident in the summer of 1989. It is evident that he had unlimited potential in a field with numerous possibilities for advancement. Danny was also a past member of the O.P.P. Auxiliary. Full ceremonial honours were attributed to him by members of the area Canada Customs and O.P.P. Officers upon his death.

Danny maintained his excellent health by keeping in shape by physical workouts and continual involvement in numerous sports carried over from his high school and university days. He also found enjoyment in photography, gardening, boating skiing (water and snow), hunting, fishing, canoeing, and especially spending time with his family and friends.

It is hoped that the establishment of this scholarship will serve two purposes. First, an eternal tribute to Danny. Secondly, as Danny offered his help and encouragement to his fellow students, evident in his teaching assistantships, we are sure he would want us to reciprocate these gestures so that students who will succeed him will benefit. Danny would want to wish the winning student every success and enjoyment in his/her day at Queen’s.