The Dr. K. A. Clendenning Memorial Award

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Clendenning in memory of their son, Dr. Kenneth A. Clendenning, B.A. 1936, M.A. 1937, Ph.D. 1941 (University of Toronto).

This fund was set up by my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Campbell Clendenning. There were four boys in our family, Ken was the second oldest. Our parents wished more rewarding lives for us than what farming could provide, and they were committed to sending us all to high school and university. They succeeded in their efforts with all four sons graduating from Queen's, producing a high school teacher, a biologist, a civil engineer and an engineer physicist.

Ken died at age 47 in 1961 bringing to an end a distinguished career in Science. Our parents were devastated by his passing but felt that establishing a memorial fund in his name was a way in which his life could be remembered. Additionally, establishing this fund showed their appreciation to Queen's for the education we all had received. My parents would be most pleased that the fund continues to provide financial aid to deserving students and perpetuate Ken's memory.