The Dr. Robert Crandall Prize

This is an Honorary Fund, in honour of Dr. Robert Crandall.

I found myself in second year accounting class with Professor Bob Crandall. I knew immediately that this was a man who loved his work, had a passion for his subject matter and a genuine interest in his students. 

It was and probably still is unusual for a Commerce graduate to head off to Teacher's College and spend the next 30 years teaching high school students, but that's exactly what I did. I have had a most wonderful and rich life striving to be for them what Bob was for me; a great listener.

My goal in establishing the Dr. Robert Crandall Prize was not just to honour Bob for the incredible contribution that he has made to my life but, more importantly perhaps, to remind Commerce students that as they go forward in advancement of their own careers to never underestimate the power of giving to to others.