The Istvan & Beate Anhalt Entrance Scholarship

Established in honour of Beate and Istvan Anhalt by Jennifer and Rocco Marcello. Istvan Anhalt, LL.D. (honoris causa, Queen's), Mus.D. (honoris causa, McGill), Professor Emeritus of Music, is a distinguished composer and teacher, and was former Head of the Department of Music (1971-81).

We created this Fund to honour my parents in a way that would perpetuate their memory in the community that has been their home since 1970 and to encourage young people to follow their passion in music. Although it is Istvan who is the musician, as he himself will tell you, he would not be who his without Beate.

After 55 years of marriage they view themselves each as half of a whole which is their love for each other. So we honour that love with this Fund.