The Joan Macdonald McGeachy Entrance Scholarships in Nursing

Established by D.D.C. McGeachy, Science '40 (Mechanical) to honour his wife, Joan Macdonald McGeachy (Bachelor of Nursing, McGill University), (Master of Arts, University of Toronto).

It was my decision to offer Queen's funds for the School of Nursing, as I wanted to honour Joan for her outstanding work in putting the College of Nurses of Ontario on its feet, when she was its Executive Director.

Perhaps philanthropy to nursing doesn't come at the top of the list to many. But nursing needs to be recognized as one of the key ingredients in our health care system; for too long it has been taken for granted. It is our hope that in making a career in nursing possible for the brightest students, that we are helping to upgrade the prestige of this profession.

When we inquired as to what would provide the major benefit, we were told scholarships for entrance to the Bachelor Program were needed, and we are delighted that three young students will receive the Joan Macdonald scholarships each year from now on.

Some will want to go on to a Master's degree, or a PhD. Many will need help, so there is no shortage of opportunities for further scholarship help!

To place a large sum of money irrevocably in the hands of others to administer, requires a large degree of trust. And here I think Queen's shines, as all down the years, from giants such as Grant and Wallace, the leaders of Queen's have maintained the same high principles and standards.