The John Reid Bain Fund

Donor Story:

Our original project was the John Reid Bain Library in the then new Walter Light Hall in 1986.  That was a capital project together with a maintenance fund.  In 1997 when the library services were amalgamated and centralized, the John Reid Bain Library was closed and the books moved to the new Science Library in the newly renovated Douglas Science Library.  In 2007 we were again presented with the opportunity to fund the Bain Computer Laboratory, both for maintenance and equipment.

The opportunity to participate and keep in touch is very rewarding to me.  The fund is a grass roots activity where I can see my contributions at work in an evolutionary process year after year.  I am confident that there many other Queen's Applied Science alumni who would jump at the opportunity that has been provided to me.

Fund Description:

Established by Thomas Walker Bain, BSc(Eng) 1965, to provide funding for the special maintenance needs and the eventual refurbishment of the John Reid Bain Computer Facility in Walter Light Hall.