The Lance Pattee Memorial Bursary

Myself and my daughters, Alexandra and Charlotte created this fund to commemorate my husband, their father, Dr. P. Lance Pattee.

We had just married in 1981 when he began his medical degree at Queen's. It was a time of great excitement, anticipation and hard work. In order to continue, however, I was in dire need of a job to put my husband through medical school. It was the Student Awards Office and the Assistant Registrar at the time, Doris Laughton that came to our rescue. I was given a position and remained in the Awards Office until my husband's graduation in the Spring of 1985. It was during my tenure in the Awards Office that I saw how much Queen's and its alumni do for its students, how much it is needed, and how much Queen's people care. Even my husband had the fortune of receiving a bursary one year which was much needed at the time.

Our time at Queen's was special. I wanted to give back a little of what Queen's gives its students and staff. Thank you for the great times. May all of Queen's students and staff feel as I do.