The Michael R.G. Harris Memorial Prize in Naval & Military History

Michael was born on July 16, 1953 in Calgary, son of Marianne and Dan G. Harris and brother of Louise Madeleine Callway.

Michael suffered from ill health that began at a very early age and continued through his whole life. He had a kidney transplant in 1971 – a relief from the previous eighteen months on dialysis.

He was a good student and gained an Ontario scholarship. He entered Queen’s University in 1971’s fall. He chose history as one of his major subjects. Michael was particularly interested in Naval and Military history, and in Aviation’s story. During one vacation, he made a series of scale models for the Aviation Museum, Ottawa.

In spite of the problems that occurred with the transplanted kidney in 1974, Michael continued at Queen’s. The faculty had high regard for his abilities and his work.

After Christmas in 1974, the transplanted kidney failed and on 25 January 1975, Michael died. We are very grateful that we were allowed to have had Michael as a member of our family for 21 ½ years. We learnt so much from him.