The Mylks Post-Graduate Scholarship

Donor Story:

Queen's has been a most important part of the Mylks family history.  Both my grandfathers were Queen's medical school graduates in the late 1800's.  My father was Class of Meds '29, my uncle was Class of Meds '32, my brother-in-law was Class of Meds '60, and I belong to the Class of Law'67. The family support of Queen's University will continue.

Fund Description: 

Established in 1973 by the estate of Dr. Gordon Wright Mylks, and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to students studying theology at the School of Religion. Awarded to a graduating student who has attained the highest overall average in his/her program (and a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.50), to facilitate 2 additional years of full-time or part-time study. The recipient must undertake the program of study within 5 years from the date of the award, must receive approval of the program the School of Religion, and must furnish a report upon its completion.