The Reverend Alexander Dawson Matheson Award

My father was a model to me always and I feel at 93 my life has not been worthy of his memory. He was the oldest of a minister's family of eight. Two of his brothers, McGill men headed for the ministry were killed in WW1 and a third brother was wounded three times.

Dad, was a chaplain first in the air force and secondly under General Vanier's son in the navy. He spent his last twelve years as the principal of Emmanuel Theological College in Toronto, but his heart was always in Queen's.

My middle name Ross was after the principal of Queen's Theological College, a Glengarry Man! A regular visitor at the manse in Quebec City was Reverend Dr. Gordon who wrote under the name of Ralph Connor both mother and dad were from Glengarry County, Williamstown High school. My dad fancied himself as Ralph Connor's hero, 'The Man from Glengarry'.

 "John Ross Matheson".