The Richard M. Dale Scholarship

This fund was created in memory of my brother Rick who died (way too young) at the age of 26. He lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. He had so many dreams, a "witty" mind and intelligence far beyond his years.

Rick began his studies at Queen's in September 1973 and graduated with the degree BSc (Hons Chemical Physics) in June 1977, winning the University Medal in Physics and in Chemistry and the Prince of Wales Medal. During his years at Queen's, Rick achieved first class standings in every course, a record which he maintained at Yale University where he completed the MSc Degree in Physics in 1978 and at the University of British Columbia where he completed one year of doctoral studies in 1979. He was a summer student at the Herzberg Institute, National Research Council of Canada during 1976, 1977 and 1978 Rick became lead author of two refused publications in laser spectroscopy.

In the summer of 1979 a worsening of the cystic fibrosis condition with which he had coped courageously throughout his creative life forced Rick Dale to abandon formal studies and a scientific career. He died in August 1982.

Just imagine the milestones he could have achieved. And so it seems fitting to have a scholarship in Rick's name go to the area of Science that he loved - Physics and Chemistry.