The Robert Shotton Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Established in memory of my husband Robert Shotton, B.Com. 1968.

Rob was a committed Queen's man and a fundraiser to Queen's after graduation. I promised Rob before his untimely death from cancer at age 41, that I would establish something special in his name. Although Rob had a practical career (he had his C.A.), he was a romantic at heart. He always wished he could paint and was proud that I and his three sons could play various instruments. This scholarship then links my interest in education (I am a teacher), his interest in fine arts and our mutual love and loyalty to Queen's, our alma mater.

Rob and I met at Queen's in the fall of '65 at a floor dance at Brockington. I was an 18 year old freshette, he a charming 21 year old, gallant and intelligent, tall and with a fading British accent. We married in 1968 after he graduated with his BCom. Our first son Robert was born in Kingston and graduated in '92 from Queen's (medal in history). On campus, he was social convenor for his class, on the track team and worked on the Commerceman.