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  • Ryan O'Callaghan hugs his wife, Shea Wood, from behind. Shea is wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of roses.


    Ryan O’Callaghan and Shea Wood

    – Artsci’07 and Artsci’08

    Winter 2022

    Ryan O’Callaghan and Shea Wood’s love story started in 2007, when they exchanged flirty looks across a classroom at Queen’s. They noticed each other around campus and downtown Kingston, but it was one autumn day in particular that shifted everything. As they were passing each other on University Avenue, Ryan boldly asked Shea, “Will you go on a date with me?” And without hesitation, Shea replied, “Of course!” Their first year was filled with long talks through the night, road trips, thoughtful gifts, loving gestures, and a memorable Christmas. Life ended up taking Ryan to New York City and Shea to Montreal. Though distance separated them, there were certain things that tied them together: claddagh rings, birthday wishes, and a love that was hard to forget. They found their way back together when their paths crossed in Toronto. Since that reunion, they’ve never looked back. Ryan proposed on the beautiful coast of Puglia, Italy. On another autumn day – Oct. 22, 2022 – Ryan and Shea were married in the Thousand Islands at the Ivy Lea Club surrounded by family and friends.

  • 2000s

    Kristine Beese

    – Artsci’03

    Winter 2022

    Kristine Beese was featured in Exige International’s Leadership Series on Apple podcasts. Beese is CEO and founder of Untangle Money, a company that seeks to empower women by providing financial management tailored specifically for them. In Exige’s podcast series, Exige International, Beese speaks about her entrepreneurship journey and how Untangle Money was started, as well as the financial disadvantage that women face. Listen to the episode

  • 1990s

    Dilhani Uswatte (née Jayamanne)

    – Artsci’96, Ed’97

    Winter 2022

    Dr. Dilhani Uswatte (née Jayamanne) was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Education to serve a three-year term on the National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the country’s only ongoing, nationally representative assessment of student achievement. “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Uswatte as the elementary school principal representative on the governing board,” said Lesley Muldoon, executive director of the governing board. “Dr. Uswatte’s distinguished record as a STEM teacher, principal, and mentor to fellow educators will strengthen the board’s efforts to ensure that The Nation’s Report Card informs educational recovery and acceleration efforts nationwide.” Uswatte brings more than two decades of experience working with students, families, and teachers to the position.

  • Andrew Rathbun leans against windows of an old warehouse, holding a saxophone to his chest.


    Andrew Rathbun

    – Artsci’92

    Winter 2022

    Saxophonist, composer, and Queen’s grad Andrew Rathbun continues to build on his already substantial discography, having recently released two new projects: Semantics, a quintet featuring tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, and Nodes, a new venture that combines tenor-trio with live digital processing, introducing new sonic vistas and landscapes. Listen to Semantics and Nodes.

  • Female with dark hair, smiles at the camera.


    Laurie Petrou

    – BFA’99

    Winter 2022

    Dr. Laurie Petrou, an associate professor at Toronto Metropolitan University and fine art Queen’s grad, released her fourth book, Stargazer. The dark academia novel about fame, ambition, and friendship takes place in a fictional remote campus in Muskoka, Ont. Stargazer is in its third printing in the U.K. by publisher Verve Books and was optioned in Canada for a limited TV series by Nikki Ray Media.

  • 1990s

    Robert Gentile

    – Artsci’96

    Winter 2022

    Robert Gentile achieved the 25-year milestone as chief financial officer of the Ontario Liberal Party. Robert was appointed CFO at age 26 before Dalton McGuinty became premier and has seen multiple party leaders and governments come and go. He encourages all Queen’s alumni to get involved in the political system, regardless of political stripe, to help strengthen Canada’s democracy.