Admin SOP 2.1 - Protocol Closures

University Animal Care Committee Standard Operating Procedure

Document No: UACC 2.1

Subject: Pilot Studies

Date Issued: September 27, 2023

Revision: Original

Location: Queen’s University

Purpose: The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the procedures to be followed when a protocol is complete or abandoned.


1. Introduction and Definitions:

When an animal use protocol (AUP) has been abandoned or has come to a natural completion, a protocol closure report in the electronic protocol management system (Topaz Elements) is required.


  • University Animal Care Committee UACC
  • Principal Investigator PI
  • Animal Use Protocol AUP
  • Canadian Council on Animal Care CCAC

2. Procedures:

A protocol closure report collecting information on why the study is no longer being pursued is required upon completion of a protocol (or when a PI chooses not to renew or to abandon a protocol).

An update on outcomes as they relate to complications, adequacy of humane/study endpoints, and a description of the use and distribution of animals as compared to that which was approved will be sought and PI’s will be encouraged to explain if/ how the research objectives were reached and to indicate any publications or additional research opportunities that arose out of the research.

Monthly renewal reminders (prompting closure) are sent at least 3 times prior to the renewal date. Refusal to submit a closure report is considered a breach of compliance as the CCAC requires that outcomes from the previous approval period be reported. The UACC can be contacted if additional support or assistance is required.

Date New Version
09/27/2023 Created and Approved


Admin SOP 2.1 - Protocol Closures

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