Animals in Science

Animals in Science
Animals in Science

Topaz Elements

The offices of the University Animal Care Committee (UACC) and Animal Care Services (ACS) jointly employ the integrated web-based application for Animal Ethics Approval and Animal Ordering.

VPN Access

  • To access Topaz Elements, make sure that you are first connected to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client using your Queen's NetID. The Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client can be uploaded from the MyQueensU portal (within the Software Centre.)
  • Upon first connecting to the VPN you will be required to manually enter "" (this will self populate going forward)

Topaz Elements Login

  • Once you have the VPN access, login to Topaz Elements using your Queen's NetID as your username and your assigned Topaz Elements password
  • Please, note that we recommend :
    • For PC Users - using the Elements Desktop Application
    • For Mac Users - using the web browser SeaMonkey or any other browser that supports Silverlight. Then, open the Topaz Elements page within the web browser.
  • Contact the UACC Coordinator if you have questions or require technical assistance of any kind (including password reset).

General Tips

  1. All protocols must be completed in Topaz Elements. All protocols must be submitted by the listed Principal Investigator (PDF 80 KB).
  2. Please note that the protocol has not officially been submitted until you receive an email confirmation stating so. The status of the protocol on the Dashboard will then change from Not Submitted or Returned for Modification to Submitted.
  3. Please ensure protocols are submitted in a timely fashion to ensure no breaks in approval. Find meeting dates and submission deadlines.
  4. Please contact the UACC Coordinator for access to Topaz or if you need your password reset.
  5. All sections of the protocol must be completed. Insert "N/A" where the requested information does not apply. All protocols undergo a preliminary review for completeness upon submission. Incomplete protocols will be returned for modification.
  6. A protocol may cover multiple grants as well as the use of multiple species and procedures provided the scientific global aim is shared and the protocol is clear.

Topaz Elements User Guides

Protocol Review Flow Charts