Art History & Art Conservation

Department of Art History & Art Conservation



Faculty Members

  • Bailey, Gauvin Alexander

    Professor and Bader Chair in Southern Baroque Art

    PhD (Harvard University)

    Renaissance to Neoclassical art and architecture in Europe (esp. Italy and France) and its global diffusion in Latin America, Africa, and Asia; also the patronage of Catholic religious orders (particularly the Jesuits); more recently architecture and urbanism in the French colonial Empire in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans (especially the Americas, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia).

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  • D'Elia, Una


    PhD (Harvard University)

    Italian Renaissance art, with a particular interest in how people touched works of art and treated them as if they were alive, the games people played in inventing and interpreting Renaissance art, and in the relationships among art, literature, and social life.

    (613) 533 6000 x78140

  • Dickey, Stephanie

    Professor and Bader Chair in Northern Baroque Art

    Ph.D. (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)

    Dutch and Flemish art of the seventeenth century, especially Rembrandt and his circle, portraiture, and the history of printmaking

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  • du Prey, Pierre

    Professor Emeritus and Queen's Research Chair

    Ph.D. (Princeton)

    History of Architecture in the Classical Tradition in Europe and North America, Architectural Education, Architectural Books and Drawings

  • Helland, Janice

    Professor Emerita

    Ph.D. (Victoria)

    Late 19th-century British and Irish arts and crafts, textiles, gender issues, material culture, late 19th and early 20th-century dress and fashion, craft history

  • Hoeniger, Cathleen


    Ph.D. (Princeton)

    Italian Art (Medieval and Renaissance); Cultural Heritage Preservation; War and Artistic Heritage; History of Science and Medicine (1000-1600)

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  • Jessup, Lynda


    Ph.D. (Toronto)

    Visual cultural studies, specializing in Native North American and Canadian visual culture. Focusing on art exhibitions, museums and collecting; art historiography, art in tourism, and more recently, on the role of art exhibitions in advancing Canadian foreign policy and international cultural relations

    (613) 533 6000 x75339 

  • Kennedy, Jen

    Assistant Professor

    Modern and contemporary art; Gender and Sexuality; Art and Popular Media; Art and Social Movements; Art and Activism; Feminist Art and Theory; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Performance Theory; Interdisciplinary research and methodologies; Critical and creative pedagogies; Feminist pedagogy.

    (613) 533 6000 x79066 

  • Morehead, Allison

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D. (Chicago)

    French, Scandinavian, and German art of the 19th and early 20th centuries; history of museums and collecting; the art of psychiatric patients; printmaking; intersections between art and science; critical theory; historiography

    (613) 533 6000 x78804

  • Reeve, Matthew

    Associate Professor and Queen's National Scholar

    Ph.D. (Cambridge University)

    Medieval art, architecture, and aesthetics c. 1000-1500; Medievalism in Western art c. 1700 to the present, Canadian architecture, Historiography and theory of art history

    (613) 533 6000 x75247

  • Romba, Katherine

    Assistant Professor 

    Ph.D. (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU)

    Modern architecture, modern art, critical theory,
    anthropological theory

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  • Russell Corbett, Jane

    Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Chair

    PhD (Queen's University)

    Seventeenth to nineteenth-century European art, especially genre painting; hispanicism and modernism; artistic convention.

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  • Schwartz, Joan M.


    Ph.D. (Queen's University)

    History of Photography; Nineteenth-Century Photography and the Geographical Imagination; Early Landscape / Travel Photography; Photography in Canada; The Management of Photographic Archives; Photographic Materiality and Meaning; The Photograph as Art/Fact Artifact

    (613) 533 6000 x75453

  • Spronk, Ron

    Professor and Graduate Chair 

    Ph.D. (Groningen)

    Technical Art History, Early Netherlandish Painting

    (613) 533 6000 x78288

  • Vorano, Norman

    Associate Professor and Queen's National Scholar, Head of Department 

    Ph.D. (University of Rochester)

    Historic and modern indigenous arts of North America; Arctic arts and cultural history; visual and cultural studies; curatorial and museum studies; community based research; digital humanities

    (613) 533 6000 x77350


Curatorial Adjuncts

  • Allen, Jan

    Director, Agnes Etherington Art Centre 

    Contemporary art with a concentration in Canadian art. Research areas include electronic media art, politically and socially engaged art, the exhibitionary complex and arts policy

    (613) 533 6000 x77052

  • Boutilier, Alicia

    Chief Curator/Curator of Canadian Historical Art, Agnes Etherington Art Centre

    Canadian art history, particularly late 19th- and early 20th-centuries, and histories of Canadian art collecting. 

    (613) 533-6000 x77054

  • Coutre, Jacquelyn N.

    Bader Curator and Researcher of European Art, Agnes Etherington Art Centre

    Ph.D. (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)

    16th- and 17th-century Dutch and Flemish art, the artistic exchange between the Northern and Southern Netherlands, the mobility of European artists in the 16th and 17th centuries, Rembrandt and his circle

    (613) 533-6000 x75100

  • Kerr, Sunny

    Curator of Contemporary Art, Agnes Etherington Art Centre

    (613) 533 6000 x77055

Cross-Appointed Faculty

  • Bevan, George

    Cross-appointed Associate Professor

    (613) 533 2745

  • Lord, Susan

    Cross-Appointed Faculty,
    Professor in the Department of Department and Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Media.

    Cinema and media arts; cosmopolitanism; new media, gendered spaces and the city; and Cuban cinema and visual culture.  She has undertaken curatorial projects of media arts, worked with artists groups and artist-run centres for over 20 years.

    (613) 533 6000 x77019

  • Robinson, Dylan

    Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts

    Contemporary Indigenous Art with a focus on public art, sound art, and text-based work; social arts practice; research-creation. DPhil. (University of Sussex)

    (613) 533 6000 x78144