Hélène Sirois, M.A.C. Candidate

Hélène Sirois

M.A.C. Candidate

Art Conservation Program

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Stream: Treatment
Specialization: Paper
Areas of interest: calligraphy, iron gall inks, authentication of ancient documents and drawings, bookbinding and illuminated manuscripts. 

Hélène Sirois has maintained an artistic practice (soft pastel, watercolor, Indian ink) for many years. In 2015, she completed her bachelor’s degree in art history at the University of Bologna in Italy. Her master’s degree in art history analyzes the Victorian architecture of Montreal through the engravings of John Henry Walker which were produced and published in Montreal between 1849 and 1886. Since her research interest links Montreal/Canada and Italy, after her master’s degree she obtained a BA Italian Major at Concordia University in Montreal with High Distinction. Then, she completed a minor in Arts and Sciences at the Université de Montréal. Since 2015, Hélène has been a volunteering for the Musée de l’imprimerie du Québec, and since 2017, she attends workshops in bookbinding. In 2019, Hélène was awarded the Carmine di Michele Scholarship by Concordia University.