Opferman​, Frances

Frances Frances Opferman​

M.A.C. Candidate

Art Conservation Program

People Directory Affiliation Category

Stream: Treatment
Specialization: Paper
Areas of interest: illuminated manuscripts, relief printmaking, book conservation, archival documents

Frances Opferman graduated from Purdue University in 2021 with a BA in Art History and minors in Anthropology and Studio Art. During her studies, she interned with Purdue Galleries, assisting with collections management, exhibition preparation, and relocating the entire collection(!) to a new storage space. Frances spent the summer of 2019 in Florence, studying Renaissance art history and secretly touching the walls of cathedrals. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Frances was a pre-program intern at the Indiana State Library, treating marriage certificates from the early 1900s, photographs, Civil War-era broadsides, and making oodles of boxes. Frances also worked at an Indianapolis custom frame shop, mounting and framing works of art ranging from family photos to Tigger erotica to Renoir reproductions to Hermès scarves. She also worked at a small bindery repairing books. In her spare time, Frances enjoys powerlifting.