Art History & Art Conservation

Department of Art History & Art Conservation

Request for TA's - ARTH 250

Deadline: July 15th, 2016

To apply please send your name and contact information to:

Job Requirements

These teaching assistantships are for the support of online courses.  Some training and preparation is needed before the start of the course.  Candidates must be prepared to work outside the regular 9-5 work week, and have access to the internet and a computer that meets ITS minimum requirements.  Experience with learning management systems (eg onQ) and videoconferencing software (eg Adobe Connect) would be an asset. 

Contract hours

The hours in the TA contract will be determined on the basis of the actual course enrolment.

CDS will determine actual contract hours as well as the final number of TA’s needed, closer to the start of term. CDS will work with instructors to fill out the TA forms, meet with the recommended persons to review the responsibilities and expectations and then send copies of the paperwork to you and to the union where applicable.  

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