Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky

Additional Information

Stéfanie von Hlatky is the Associate Dean (research) of the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University and the Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Gender, Security, and the Armed Force. The Associate Dean (research) is responsible for coordinating and guiding strategic research activities within the Faculty, and supports researchers in securing funding and obtaining research awards. Dr. von Hlatky’s own research focuses on alliance politics, multinational operations and the Women, Peace and Security agenda. She has published two books with Oxford University Press, four edited volumes and over 40 articles and chapters on topics such as why and how democracies fight wars, how global norms affect security practices, and Canadian defence policy. Her latest book is titled Deploying Feminism: The Role of Gender in NATO Military Operations(Oxford University Press 2022). She is a Fellow with the Centre for International and Defence Policy, co-Chair of the Network for Strategic Analysis’ Advisory Board and co-director of the Canadian Defence and Security Network.