Celebrating Queen's Research

Queen’s is celebrating the groundbreaking work of the university’s researchers and to help promote the achievements a series of banners are being placed on prominent buildings around campus as well as on light poles along University Avenue and downtown Kingston.

Research is core to the foundations of Queen’s as an institution. The banners highlight the importance of research prominence to our internal and external communities, and draw attention to how research and scholarly activity plays a critical role in our ability to develop the talent and ideas that serve all aspects of society.

The banners display the imagery of Queen’s Research as well as highlighting the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics received by Arthur McDonald, for his longtime research and groundbreaking findings into neutrinos – sub-atomic particles considered the basic building blocks of the universe.

The new banners are being placed directly onto the buildings, much like a giant sticker, by staff from Jet Signs. At the same time the banners celebrating the 175th anniversary of Queen’s are being removed. The new banners have been placed on Grant Hall, Stauffer Library, Walter Light Hall and Duncan McArthur Hall. 

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