Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Indigeneity (EDII) Implementation Committee Statement

On behalf of the Queen's Faculty of Arts and Science, the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigeneity (EDII) Implementation Committee stand in solidarity with Indigenous students, staff, and faculty. The defacement of these flags at the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre is an expression of hate and we unequivocally refute these deplorable actions. We draw your attention to the OHRC's definition of a hate crime.  

These flags represent the communities of many Indigenous students, staff, and faculty at Queen's and showed solidarity with LGBTQ2S+ communities. The flags were erected in response to a racist and homophobic incident that took place at the Queen's Chown Hall residence in October 2019.

We denounce this expression of hate and will continue our work to identify and dismantle systemic racism and oppression at Queen's University by applying an anti-racist and anti-oppression lens to our collective work. We are deeply committed to ensuring Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre remains a safe space for Indigenous students, staff, and faculty.  

We reaffirm our goal to assist in the development of policies, actions, and programs that create an inclusive space for all members of the FAS community, Queen’s University, and beyond. 

Please contact asc.edii@queensu.ca if you have questions or for more information. 


Committee Members

Dale Bennett, Academic Advisor, Indigenous Students, Faculty of Arts and Science

Francesco Cellarosi, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Menaka De Rege, Outgoing Equity Commissioner, ASUS

Ashanthi Francis, Equity Commissioner, ASUS

Catherine Haba, President, Queen's Black Academic Society

Ting Hu, Assistant Professor, Computing

Anita Jack-Davies, Senior Research Advisor, Research Initiatives, Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty of Education

Colin Khan, School Administrator, Environmental Studies

Karen Lawford, Assistant Professor, Gender Studies

Kristin Moriah, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature

Caroline Pukall, Professor, Psychology

Courtney Szto, Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology

Shobhana Xavier, Assistant Professor, School of Religion

Committee Chair: Gordon E. Smith, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Committee Support: Danielle Gugler, Assistant to the Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science