Faculty of Arts & Science establishes Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Indigeneity (EDII) Implementation Committee

The Faculty of Arts and Science has established a new committee to ensure that equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigeneity (EDII) – one of the guiding principles in the Faculty’s Strategic Plan – is fully integrated into all of its initiatives and activities.

The Committeewill discuss topics related to EDII within the Faculty, such as:

  • maintaining EDII as a core value of the Faculty of Arts and Science;
  • identifying programs that could have positive impacts on EDII, and how Faculty resources could be utilized and coordinated to achieve EDII goals;
  • barriers inhibiting progress around EDII, and recommendations on how the barriers could be overcome;
  • EDII issues and concerns that arise; and
  • needs and suggestions related to EDII.

    Committee Members

    Dale Bennett, Academic Advisor, Indigenous Students, Faculty of Arts and Science

    Francesco Cellarosi, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

    Menaka De Rege, Outgoing Equity Commissioner, ASUS

    Ashanthi Francis, Equity Commissioner, ASUS

    Catherine Haba, President, Queen's Black Academic Society

    Ting Hu, Assistant Professor, Computing

    Anita Jack-Davies, Senior Research Advisor, Research Initiatives, Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty of Education

    Colin Khan, School Administrator, Environmental Studies

    Karen Lawford, Assistant Professor, Gender Studies

    Kristin Moriah, Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature

    Caroline Pukall, Professor, Psychology

    Courtney Szto, Assistant Professor, School of Kiniesiology

    Shobhana Xavier, Assistant Professor, School of Religion

    Committee Chair: Gordon E. Smith, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

    Committee Support: Danielle Gugler, Assistant to the Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

The Committee is chaired by Gordon E. Smith, Vice-Dean, and supported by Danielle Gugler, Assistant to the Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science. It is composed of faculty, staff, and student representatives.

Vice-Dean and Committee Chair Smith explains that “EDII is a foundational component of who we are as a Faculty. As members of the Arts and Science community, we have a shared responsibility to make sure that EDII is fully integrated into everything that we do.” He further explains that “this Committee is the vital part of this critically important work.”

Strategic Plan Guiding Principles

Launched in fall 2019, the Faculty of Arts and Science Strategic Plan provides a clear vision and a set of principles, priorities, initiatives and metrics to guide it through the next five years.

The Guiding Principles outlined in the Strategic Plan are: 

  • equity, diversity and inclusion, including anti-racism, decolonization and Indigenous resurgence
  • excellence in teaching, research and service
  • transparency, accountability and fairness
  • continuous learning, professional development and global engagement

To learn more about our Strategic Plan and the Faculty’s planned initiatives, see: Strategic Planning

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