New experiential learning opportunities for Arts & Science students

Student entrepreneurs take note!

Upper-year students now have a variety of new options to personalize their learning path and enjoy improved opportunities for an entrepreneurial experience.

Created by Dean Barbara Crow, the DDQIC and the FAS Experiential Learning team, the Dean’s Changemaker Challenge was first offered in 2020. Through the ASCX 200 / 300 courses, students identify real-world challenges and opportunities, work collaboratively to develop solutions, and use startup business strategies to establish ventures to make the change they want to see happen. Each course then culminates in the Dean’s Changemaker Challenge where student teams pitch for funding to continue their proposed venture ideas.

The most recent Changemaker Challenge Pitch Competition held in April 2022 saw two startups, each receiving an investment of $7,500 from a panel of expert judges.

In order to offer this unique experience to more FAS students, the Dean’s Changemaker Challenge courses are now options in the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity Certificate (QEIC). While courses for the Certificate were previously only offered online, students can complete the on-campus ASCX 200/300 courses as alternative core courses for the Certificate (ASCX 200 as an alternative to ENIN 200 and ASCX 300 for CHEE 302).

The Certificate is the first of its kind, bringing together nine different faculties, schools, departments, and service units. Students will have the opportunity to study and practice skills in topics such as business planning, finance, and marketing and communications.

Dr. William Nelson, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), explains that for those students interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial-based internship, the ASCX 200/300 courses are also a pathway to the Entrepreneurial Stream of the Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP), which is run in collaboration with the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC).

To participate, as well as earn the ‘with Professional Internship’ designation on their degree upon graduation students need to enroll in ASCX 200/300, as well as the relevant INTN courses required for a 12-16 month internship.

The QUIP Entrepreneurial Stream also open to students in FAS and other faculties through the Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI)/QYourVenture program.

Upper year FAS students can enrol in ASCX 200/ 300 during course registration beginning July 18. Space is limited. Learn more about these courses on the Dean's Changemaker Challenge webpage.

For information on new FAS experiential learning opportunities for all students, see the Experiential Learning webpage or for fourth-year students, see the ASCX 400 webpage.