Queen's Geological Sciences Remains Amongst Canada's Best

The Queen’s Geological Sciences DepartmentQueen's Geological Sciences has long been rated by MacLean’s as one of the best in Canada; in 2015 Queen’s was ranked as having the second best geology program in the country (Maclean’s, Canadian Universities Guidebook 2015 Edition). The program’s focus on field and experiential learning approaches and the tight-knit learning community drive great results for students.

There are many opportunities for Geological Sciences students to gain real field experience. Most students in the department spend over 240 hours on various expeditions, such as a one-week carbonates-focused field trip in Bermuda. These opportunities allow students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real world settings and help them secure a job during the summer months and after graduation. Our graduates are sought after not only for their deep and broad knowledge base but also for their exceptional field skills, and their familiarity with state-of-the-art analysis and design tools.

This year, Queen’s has been featured again in MacLean’s Magazine as “one of the best places in Canada to study geology”. The magazine's "Canada’s Best Jobs” segment ranked “Mining and Forestry Manager” as the third top job in Canada. The same article recommends Queen’s Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering programs to prepare for this type of position. Canadian Business found that in the next five years, mining and forestry management will experience 39.5% employee growth along with 11.1% wage growth from its current median salary of $100,006/year (Maclean’s, Canadian Universities Guidebook 2018 Edition), indicating high demand for professionals in this field.

Queen’s Geological Sciences was also recently featured in the news through Astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station, Dr. Andrew (Drew) Feustel who earned his PhD (Geological Sciences) at Queen’s in 1995. Dr. Feustel remains very engaged with the university, the community, Kingston and Canada, as do other grads who have gone on to exciting careers in Planetary Geology.

Queen’s Geological Sciences is the perfect fit for any student aspiring to explore the fundamentals of our planet and the ones beyond.

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