Scarf Ceremony builds community at the Bader International Study Centre

On Tuesday, October 7, students studying at the Bader International Study Centre received their official BISC scarf in a ceremony in the Ballroom. The scarf—a navy blue knit with red stripes and the BISC logo—marks the students’ entry into the BISC and Queen’s community. This newly formed tradition is based on the venerable British varsity scarf, which is used to differentiate students attending the top colleges across the British university system.

The scarf is given to every student who spends a term at the BISC. It is hoped that they will become an attractive complement to the famous Queen’s jackets that are purchased by many students. The scarves were presented by BISC Academic Director, Dr Christian Lloyd, BISC Operations Manager, Caroline Harber, and BISC Student and Enrolment Services Manager, Tom Gallini.

"The scarves serve as a visual reminder of the students’ membership in a strong, supportive, and vibrant community—one that we hope continues to play an important role in their lives long after they have completed their studies at the BISC and Queen’s.”  

- Tom Gallini,
Student and Enrolment Services Manager, Bader International Study Centre

The BISC hosts approximately 350 students each year across its three terms. Students can choose to study first year or upper year Arts and Commerce subjects throughout the year, or in a variety of specialized programs during the Summer Term. A revitalized First Year program provides a dynamic international foundation to a Queen’s degree, while upper year programming allows students to develop international experience that is crucial in our increasingly globalized economy.

"As our business, political, and research communities become more international, so too must our system of education if we intend to continue to develop strong leaders. We hope to see our scarves on the campuses of both Queen’s and our partner universities around the world, as a sign of our students’ support of this ethos.”

- Dr Christian Lloyd,
Academic Director, Bader International Study Centre