Dean’s Initiatives Awards

The Faculty of Arts and Science is pleased to announce the launch of the Dean’s Initiatives Awards, created to support and advance priorities of the Faculty, including equity, diversity, Indigeneity, international mobility, graduate education, and teaching. These awards are designed to encourage our students, faculty, and staff to bring forward creative ideas to move the Faculty and the university forward in these important areas.

Many of these awards have been made possible through the support of donors and alumni, to which we are grateful.  We are fortunate to have such an amazing community of supporters.

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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity Fund (faculty, staff and all students, open deadline)

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity Fund provides support to faculty members, staff and all students who wish to organize and/or attend conferences or workshops, as well as support for those who seek to invite visitors and organize events to enhance teaching, learning, and research environments, with respect to equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigeneity.

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Conference Fund (faculty, $1000, 4 deadlines per year)

The FAS Conference Fund provides support for regular faculty members and continuing adjuncts in the Faculty of Arts and Science who are organizing professional conferences, colloquia, symposia, or workshops in the Kingston area or at the Bader International Study Centre in Herstmonceaux. The maximum amount of the award is $1000. The funds may be increased to $3000 for use as in-kind matching funds for external funding obtained through successful applications to external programs such as SSHRC Connection Grants. If an application for external funds is successful, the applicant will still be eligible for $1000 in support.

Funding is awarded on a competitive basis and priority is given to events that (a) reach a broad audience, particularly at the national or international levels, (b) include student participation, particularly involving presentation of their research, (c) include partnering support from a department or departments and (d) how they incorporate attention to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigeneity. The deadlines for applications are October 1, January 1, April 1, and July 1.

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Student Initiatives Fund (all students, $2500, open deadline)

Do you have a great project idea? Need assistance to remove financial barriers that may had otherwise hinder your research? Have an important community focused venture but need help paying additional costs? Want to engage other students across campus with a unique initiative? Consider submitting an application form below to request funding.

The Faculty of Arts and Science is dedicated to providing an educational environment that promotes learning both in and out of the classroom. Through the generosity of our benefactors, the Dean’s Office is able to offer our students grants to fund or partially fund one-of-a-kind opportunities and initiatives identified by students.


Project-based & Portfolio PhD Research (PhD students, $3000, March 15 deadline)

To advance its intermediate and longer-term goal of re-envisioning doctoral study and the PhD “thesis,” the Faculty is introducing the FAS Awards for Project and Portfolio PhD Research. This award program provides financial support for students pursuing doctoral research who are undertaking a project option and/or a portfolio PhD. For a description of the three options available to students pursuing a PhD, see the School of Graduate Study information sheets, “The PhD Thesis – Enabling Flexibility (For Programs)” and “The PhD Thesis – Enabling Flexibility (For Students).” The PPP Award supports costs directly related to the completion of the degree to a maximum value of $3,000. It will support graduate programs in FAS, which are responding to increased student demand for non-traditional, or "alternative" doctoral formats that accommodate different research contributions and applications, new forms of knowledge mobilization, the development of new competencies (i.e. digital, entrepreneurial), and that foster student awareness of the transferable skills acquired in the completion of the doctoral degree.  

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Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching (graduate students nominate faculty members, May 15 deadline)

The Faculty of Arts and Science Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching recognizes faculty members who, in the judgement of their graduate students, have made outstanding contributions to promoting graduate student excellence through teaching, supervision and mentorship at the graduate level.

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Prize for Student Data Visualization (All students, $250, March 1 deadline)

The Dean of Arts and Science invites undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to submit original works of data visualization to be considered for prizes and to be displayed on the Arts and Science research website. The Data Visualization Award is an opportunity for students to show off their data visualization skills and research. Data visualizations may include everything from charts, to graphs, to maps, to 3-D models. The visualizations should be interactive, and can be animated or web-based stories designed to enhance the communication of original research findings.

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Transform Our Spaces Fund (faculty, staff and all students, March 1 deadline)

The Dean has launched a one-million dollar fund to provide financial assistance to initiate renovations to create accessible and inspiring facilities and infrastructure to catalyze learning, discovery, collaboration and community.  

Funding is awarded on a competitive basis and priority is given to submissions demonstrating strong alignment with the Faculty’s strategic priorities of Strengthening our Research Prominence, Enriching the Student Experience, and Supporting our People.

The deadline for applications is March 1st, 2020. Only submissions selected for further consideration will be forwarded to Physical Plant Services for cost estimates.

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