Learning & Working in a Digital World (ASCX101)

Interested in learning about how to navigate an uncertain future and rapidly changing digital landscape? Take the full degree-credit version of Learning and Working in a Digital World as part of your fall term course load!

The future is uncertain and our digital future is undiscovered, while information is expanding at an exponential rate. Jobs that were formerly done by humans are being taken over by artificial intelligence and automation. In this course, you will ask and answer questions about what it means to be means to be a human learner and worker in a rapidly changing digital world.

This course will consider both the advantages and drawbacks of our humanity. Modules will include, for example, intercultural competency, inclusion, and teamwork, academic integrity, productivity, how we assess and communicate information, and the practice of being a writer. 

This course will be taught by Faculty of Arts and Science Associate Dean (Academic) Jenn Stephenson.

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