Prize for Student Data Visualization

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  • Submissions for this form are currently closed.
  • Submissions for this form are closed.

The effective communication of results is an important component of the research enterprise. The Faculty of Arts and Science has therefore established a new student research award celebrating excellence in knowledge translation via data visualization.

The Dean of Arts and Science invites undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to submit original works of data visualization to be considered for prizes and to be displayed on the Arts and Science Research website.

The Data Visualization Award is an opportunity for students to show off their data visualization skill sets and research. Data visualizations may include everything from charts, graphs, maps, and 3-D models.  The visualizations should be interactive, and can be animated or web based stories designed to enhance the communication of original research findings.  

The Office of the Dean will judge the submitted visualizations based on their ability to communicate insightful information, their overall design, and technical merit and originality.

Up to four prizes will handed out in two categories: undergraduate and graduate students.

Rules and eligibility

The deadline for submission is May 30, 2021 and the rules to enter are:

  1. Your must be a registered as a Queen’s Arts and Science student.
  2. Your visualization must have been created this year.
  3. You may only submit one entry.
  4. The data should be based on publicly available data

Submissions may be associated with class work or represent independent study. Both individual and group submissions are welcome.

Applicants will be required to submit a mini-essay detailing the insights you personally gained about the data during the visualization process (minimum 100 words) as well as a brief biography of each author (50 words max).

There are several free products available to display data visualization, students may use any product they seem fit. 

Some of the available free products are:

Google DataStudio: