Graduate Programs

The great thing about Grad Studies is that you can continue down the course of study you loved in your undergrad, or you can find a stream that branches off in a different direction in many cases. Here's some ideas to think about. Under each category you will find some ideas, not an exhaustive list for each one.

Want to discuss and explore ways to save our world?

Want to understand how people make decisions?

Want to question how our world works and uncover new ways in which it works?

Want to get cultured and understand how other cultures work?

Want to understand our roots?

Want to get lost in words, images, or objects and find the true meaning of life, literature or art?

Want to run the world one day - or at least lead an organization?

Want to work with your hands and your brain?

Want to spend more time thinking about animals and plants than people?

Want to help heal people?

Want to help develop new communities?

Traditional Masters and PhD programs, both research-based and class-based options for Arts or Science. Explore over 30 different disciplines available.

Our professional programs recognize that you have busy lives that just won't stop so you can go to school. Flexible delivery models, just-in-time learning options, and accelerated paths make it all easy for you to get a Masters degree at Queen's University.