Graduate Programs

The great thing about Grad Studies is that you can continue down the course of study you loved in your undergrad, or you can find a stream that branches off in a different direction in many cases. 


Degree / Diploma / Certificate

Art Conservation - Research StreamM.A.C
Art Conservation - Treatment StreamM.A.C
Art HistoryM.A., PhD
Arts LeadershipM.A.
Arts ManagementGraduate Diploma
Astrophysics & AstronomyM.Sc., PhD
BiologyM.Sc., PhD
Biomedical InformaticsGraduate Diploma, MBI
ChemistryM.Sc., M.A.Sc., PhD
ComputingM.Sc., PhD
Cultural StudiesM.A., PhD
Earth and Energy Resources LeadershipM.E.E.R.L
EconomicsM.A., PhD
Economics (combined Law program)M.A. (Economics) & J.D. (Law)
Economics (Risk Policy and Regulation)Graduate Diploma
EnglishM.A., M.Phil, PhD
Environmental StudiesM.E.S., PhD
French StudiesM.A., PhD
Gender StudiesM.A., PhD
Geological SciencesM.Sc., PhD
GeographyM.A., M.Sc., PhD
Global Development StudiesM.A., PhD
HistoryM.A., PhD
Industrial RelationsM.I.R., M.I.R./J.D.
Professional Industrial RelationsM.I.R.
Kinesiology and Health StudiesM.A., M.Sc., PhD
Mathematics and StatisticsM.Sc., PhD
PhilosophyM.A., PhD
PhysicsM.Sc., PhD
Political StudiesM.A., PhD
Political and Legal Thought  (Collaborative)M.A. 
PsychologyM.Sc., PhD
Public AdministrationM.P.A., M.P.A./J.D., P.M.P.A.
Religious StudiesM.A.
Screen Cultures and Curatorial StudiesM.A., PhD
SociologyM.A., PhD
Urban and Regional PlanningM.PL.