Professional Programs

Our professional programs recognize that you have busy lives that just won't stop so you can go to school. Flexible delivery models, just-in-time learning options, and accelerated paths make it all easy for you to get a Masters degree at Queen's University.

Master in Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Queen’s University has developed a cross-faculty Earth and Energy Resources Leadership Program with interdisciplinary opportunities for students to develop a complete understanding of the resource life cycle within the conceptual framework of earth systems and sustainable resources. A Professional Master’s degree is now available that focuses on enhancing leadership skills and integration across multiple fields within earth resource management, including geosciences, engineering, business, law, and policy.

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Master in Industrial Relations

The Professional Master of Industrial Relations (PMIR) degree program is a part-time program for professionals in Labour Relations, Human Resources Management and Organizational Development. This program is designed especially for experienced professionals and managers in the field who wish to gain new skills and knowledge for career advancement. The PMIR provides participants with advanced skills and knowledge to implement solutions to current and emerging workplace issues.

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Transforming how health care is approached and delivered through big data is the goal of our two new professional programs: a graduate diploma and a master's in Biomedical Informatics. Using a ladder approach, students can take the 4 month graduate diploma, with the option to continue on to complete a one-year masters. Skills to be gained in these programs will provide hands-on training in data science that will form the foundation for successful careers in health care and biomedical research. Given the current abundance of data, knowledge and experience in data analytics is in high demand among health care professionals and researchers.