Why Apply Now?

1. It’s never too late to apply to most of our graduate programs. We encourage you to apply early and often we post deadlines, but most of our programs accept later applications.

2. We have launched new Dean’s master’s and doctoral awards to provide financial support for graduate students.  There is no deadline and no applications are required. All you need to do to be considered is apply.

3. You have options. You can do a traditional research or course-based graduate program, or a professional program with flexible delivery models. Not only can you do a project or portfolio PhD, we will support you in doing so financially with our new awards for Project and Portfolio PhD Research.

4. For many of our programs, you do not need to find a supervisor before you apply. You can approach one or more of our many world-renowned and award-winning researchers at any time.

5. Our Associate Deans Graduate Studies are available to help you find your path and prepare your application. Simply reach out by email and or we’ll put either Dr. Lynda Jessup or Dr. Nicholas Mosey in touch with you.

Queen’s connections last a lifetime. We support Queen’s students in furthering their education at the Faculty of Arts and Science by waiving application fees for undergraduate students with cumulative averages of A- or above and for Queen’s master’s students applying to our grad programs. Our alumni mentors and network can help you now and throughout your career!

Apply Now