Arts & Science Certificates

Certificates are a new way to stand out when you graduate. Whether you're a current Queen's student, a future Queen's student, or previous Queen's student, a certificate can help you be competitive in the job market.

Why do a certificate?

  • Provides a well-rounded education – You can choose a certificate close your main field of study or something completely different. Certificates show the world that you can learn and engage in different areas of knowledge.
  • It stands out on a resume – A Queen's credential is sure to stand out, but when you're up against other Queen's grads, one way to stand out is to have more to offer. A degree plus a certificate is one more way to be different as you enter your future career.
  • Help with a last-minute career change or simply make more money in your current career – Additional credentials can help you stay on top of your industry, learn new skills and knowledge, and doing that can help you shift jobs or earn more money in your current job.
  • Helps people with busy lives that can't commit to a full degree gain an edge – Online certificates are not equivalent to a degree, but they still make great options for people busy with families and full-time jobs to further their skills in a short amount of time.

For Credit Certificates

Learn More about the different Credit Certificate options that Queen's Arts and Science has to offer such as Employment Relations, French for Professionals, Indigenous Languages and Cultures and more.
For Credit Certificates

Non-Credit Certificates

New to Queen's Arts and Science! Learn More about our first Non-Credit Certificate offering, the Certificate in Organized Crime Prevention.
Non-Credit Certificates