Cool Electives & Summer Courses

Whether you are an Arts & Science, Engineering or Commerce student, you may want to get ahead and take an elective this summer.  We have some options for you.

Summer 2017 Courses offered Online

ANAT100 (Anatomy of the Human Body)

Have you ever wondered about how human bodies work? Study basic human structure and function while learning introductory languages of Gross Anatomy and Histology.

DRAM211 (Introduction to Theatre for Young Audiences)

Take a glimpse into the world of theatre meant for young audiences. Discover the history, theories and potential consequences of dramatic art designed for youth while interpreting a variety of different plays aimed towards young people. 

EMPR210 (Employment Relations and Labour Law)

Are you curious about employment law in Canada? Learn about federal and provincial legislation and its impact on non-unionized human resource management. 

COGS100 (Introduction to Cognitive Science)

Understand the historical and contemporary issues and research findings of the core cognitive science disciplines including artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. Focus on the ways that the interactions among these disciplines leads to an enhanced understanding of the processes of intelligence and intelligent systems.

ENIN301 (Creative Entrepreneurship)

Do you have an interest in business start-up techniques and the creative industry? Learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset while studying theories and practicing methods of contemporary creative innovation.

GNDS125 (Gender, Race, and Popular Culture)

Explore feminist and anti-racist perspectives on popular culture with topics related to sexuality, race, gender and nation across different forms of media.

HIST207 (Global Indigenous Histories)

Study various historical case studies addressing the causes, conflicts, and consequences that have occurred wherever indigenous peoples have encountered colonizing invaders. Significant questions will include the following: Who is indigenous? Who is not? Can one speak of a global indigenous history?

FREN106 (Communication et Culture I)

Learn basic French language skills and everyday expressions and phrases with little or no previous experience.

ASTR101 (Astronomy I: The Solar System)

Introduce yourself to the non-mathematical science of astronomy. Topics to be covered include the fundamentals of astronomy; an introduction to the tools and techniques of modern observational astronomy; the historical development of our understanding of the Earth, Moon and Solar System; space exploration of Mars, Jupiter, and other planets; the nature of the Sun; and the origin and uniqueness of our Solar System.

MUSC171 (Social History of Popular Music)

Travel through 20th century trends of Western popular music. Explore materials about different artists, groups, genres, record labels, styles and sociological issues.

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