Black Studies

The undergraduate Black Studies Minor Program is housed and administered in the Department of Gender Studies. With an interdisciplinary reach that is open to departments, programs, and faculties across the university, the undergraduate program in Black Studies serves to educate the Queen’s community about the histories and contemporary struggles of African and Black diasporic communities. As well, Black Studies reaches across and beyond the humanities and the social sciences—seeking and engendering conversations that are not invested in boundaries or intellectual silos but instead focus on collaboration. In many ways, Black Studies relies on multiple knowledge bases, and the program draws on courses and faculty from Art History & Conservation, Biology, the Dan School of Drama & Music, Employment Relations, English Language and Literature, Environmental Studies, Film and Media, French, Gender Studies, Geography & Planning, Global Development Studies, History, Indigenous Studies, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Philosophy, Political Studies, Religious Studies, the Smith Bachelor of Commerce, and Sociology.

Top 5 reasons to study Black Studies:

  1. Gain core knowledge in the histories and contemporary struggles of Black communities in Africa, Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, and other diasporic locations.
  2. Critically analyze blackness in relation to sexuality, gender, class, and other identity categories.
  3. Assemble critical tools and theoretical concepts, and develop interdisciplinary methodological skills, in the areas of Black Studies and cognate studies of race.
  4. Compose, critique, and critically engage materials that attend to equity, multiculturalism, diversity, intersectionality, and social accountability.

Engage and learn from experiential learning models (theory- or activist-based practicums, internships, cultural production, and research assistantships).

Mackintosh-Corry Hall
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Susan Lord
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Taylor Cenac
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Katherine McKittrick

Minor in Black Studies

A minor is a less intensive course of study in the discipline that must be combined with a major in another discipline.