Politics, Philosophy & Economics Specialization

Study social issues and how our society responds to these issues, while asking questions drawn from economic, political and philosophical perspectives. Society faces challenges that are complex and multi-dimensional, and our efforts to tackle these challenges require us to bring complementary intellectual skills together in analytical and critical ways. This new, undergraduate program combines Economics, Philosophy and Politics in ways designed to prepare students for a wide range of professional career paths. Students completing the program will be ready to enter graduate studies in their area of specialization, law, public service, international development, policy design and analysis, or any other career that calls for strong analytical and communication skills. The program is structured as an augmented Joint Honours (much like a triple-major), without sacrificing advanced skills in each student's area of specialization. With over 50 courses to choose from to complete the program, students will have flexibility in their degree to create a path that works for them, yet with a focus that will stand out in the marketplace.

The Bachelor of Arts Honours (BAH) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics is a Specialization including an introductory course in multi-disciplinary studies, and a capstone research project. The degree does allow for students to add a study abroad experience, paid internship or certificate to their Plan at Queen's.

Students in the PPE specialization choose from one of three streams (or “sub-plans”), allowing them to concentrate in one of the three fields (economics, philosophy, or politics). Details about plan requirements are available in the academic calendar. Students are encouraged to use the “advisement report” function in SOLUS to track their progress towards degree completion.

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Government
  • Consulting
  • Community & Social work
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Analytics
    Economic Development
  • International Development
  • Policy

The PPE program includes two PPEC courses: PPEC 200 and PPEC 400. The 200-level course introduces students to multi-disciplinary studies in Politics-Philosophy-Economics, using a wide range of teaching techniques, and assessments based on quantitative and analytical assignments, oral presentations, peer-to-peer assesssment, and both long and short-form written communication. The capstone, 400-level course involves a major research project, presentation and peer-to-peer assessment with team teaching close supervision from professors in all three disciplines.

Students will complete 42.0 units in their chosen area of specialization (one of the three PPE disciplines) and 21.0 units in each of the other two disciplines. Arts and Science electives make up the remaining 36.0 units.


Students apply to Queen’s Arts (QA) through the OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) website (ouac.on.ca). Secondary School prerequisites include six 4U and 4M courses, including a minimum of three 4U courses, one of which must be ENG4U. Applicants outside of Ontario may have additional requirements.

Once a Queen's student, degree plans can be selected in the spring of each year. Students interested in choosing the PPE as their major must have a minimum B- grade in at least one of ECON 110, POLS 110 or from 6.0 units in PHIL at the 100-level, and a cumulative GPA over 1.9. Selection into the PPE is a competitive process with no guaranteed enrollment. Preference will be given to students who have completed at least two of the first year core courses. When selecting PPE as your major, students will be required to declare one of the three disciplines as their sub-plan area of specialization.


Want to talk to someone about the program? You can reach out to any one of the departments (Politics, Philsophy or Economics) for information on the courses. For information on the capstone course or the overall program please contact:

Ian Cromb, Undergraduate Chair (crombi@queensu.ca)
Jennine Ball, Undergraduate Advisor (ballj@econ.queensu.ca)


Kerah Gordon-Solomon Undergraduate Chair (kg59@queensu.ca)
Undergraduate Assistant (philug@queensu.ca)

Kyle Hanniman, Undergraduate Chair (kyle.hanniman@queensu.ca)
Cynthia Macintosh, Undergraduate Advisor (ugpols@queensu.ca