Queen’s Global Summer

The Queen’s Global Summer (QGS) is the first interdisciplinary on-campus summer program for the Faculty of Arts and Science. It offers new for-credit courses to undergraduate students, as well as a host of unique experiences to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, professionals, and the wider community, which will take place in summer 2022 over 6 weeks in July and August.

Informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), QGS is a mix of courses, workshops, retreats, cultural events and lectures based on issues of global significance, from gender equality to sustainable communities and more. Through this unique multidisciplinary approach, we’re helping to raise awareness of global challenges and facilitate campus-wide conversations on these.

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Why attend Queen’s Global Summer (QGS)?

Top 5 reasons to participate in QGS:

  1. Better understand global problems like climate change, gender and economic inequality
  2. Get exposed to a diverse range of academic disciplines, from biology to literature
  3. Foster interdisciplinary thinking and approaches to problem solving
  4. Experience and participate in community-oriented events like concerts and film screenings
  5. If you’re an undergraduate student at Queen’s or another university, it’s a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience of global issues - all while getting course credit.

Undergraduate Courses

Students are encouraged to enroll in one or more of the Queen’s Global Summer affiliated undergraduate courses. 

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QGS Award for International Visiting Students

International visiting students studying enrolled in a QGS-affiliated course on a Letter of Permission from their home University/Institution are eligible for the Queen’s Global Summer Award.

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Graduate Opportunities

Graduate students will have several opportunities to gain experience and formal training in leadership, teaching, and networking at QGS.

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Community Events

Queen's Global Summer will feature a variety of events that are open to students, staff, faculty, and Kingston community members, such as the Sustainable Freedom Lecture Series and the Guerrilla History Film Forum: Struggles for Equality.

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