(CERT) Entreprenuership, Innovation & Creativity

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate is the first of its kind, bringing together nine different Faculties, Schools, Departments and service units. Housed within the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Dan School of Drama and Music, this certificate was designed to allow students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to execute intrapreneurial innovation. Students will have the opportunity to study and practice skills in marketing and promotion as well as finance and business planning. Through a variety of interdisciplinary courses, students will be challenged to brainstorm, research, design, and present a new product or service to peers, end users, leadership teams, potential investors and to online and digital publics.

Theological Hall
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John Burge
  • ENIN 200/3.0
  • ENIN 400/3.0
  • One of: ENIN 301/3.0; CHEE 302/3.0
  • 6.0 units from (Innovation-Centric - INOV_Options): BMED 271/3.0; BMED 471/3.0; COCA 201/3.0; COMM 201/3.0; ENIN 140/3.0; ENIN 204/3.0; ENIN 205/3.0; ENIN 207/3.0; ENIN 240/3.0; ENIN 340/3.0; GLPH 271/3.0; GLPH 471/3.0; IDIS 280/3.0; LAW 204/3.0; WRIT 250/3.0
  1. Students may substitute CHEE 310/3.0 for CHEE 302/3.0.
  2. No more than 6.0 units of core and option courses may be counted toward the requirements of both the Certificate and another program.
  3. No more than 6.0 units of core and option courses may be transfer credits from outside Queen’s University.
  4. Students who want to learn about creative and technical entrepreneurship may complete and count both ENIN 301 and CHEE 302 toward the 15.0 credits required for this Certificate . Students who opt to complete and count both ENIN 301 and CHEE 302 only need to complete 3.0 credits from the list of eligible “Innovation -Centric” courses above.
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