FAS Annual Review 2017–2018

It has been a year to celebrate for the Faculty of Arts and Science. Increased enrolment numbers, combined with significant efforts made towards campus diversification, the implementation of the first phase of the faculty renewal plan, and many more exciting initiatives are recognized and celebrated within the pages of the Faculty’s 2017–2018 Annual Review. Making this year’s edition even more significant is the fact that it serves to mark Dean Barbara Crow’s first year at Queen’s University.

As Dean Crow notes, there is much to celebrate within Arts and Science, with many new faculty- and student-centred initiatives coming to fruition “through a reinvigorated focus on research promotion, faculty renewal, and deliberative actions toward equity, diversity, and inclusivity."

“As we embark on new initiatives, both in the classroom and with our research, the Annual Review is a fantastic way to thank everyone for and to celebrate all of the wonderful accomplishments we achieved together last year. We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to and where we are going. 2017–2018 has been an important transitional and transformational year.”

From increased collaboration with the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society, which led to the first-ever career summit event, Life After ArtSci, to the introduction of a suite of recruitment initiatives to support a growing graduate student community, to continued work with our Dean’s Council of amazing alumni who help provide industry insights, we made great strides this year in terms of improving the student experience in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The Faculty has celebrated many other notable accomplishments over the past year, but a few of the stand-out moments include:

The 2018–2019 year will see a sustained and expanded focus on the Faculty’s priorities: equity, diversity, inclusivity, Indigeneity, international student support, and graduate enrolment. In addition to these major priorities, there will also be new initiatives centred on research prominence, graduate student experience, and financial sustainability through revenue diversification.

“At this time next year, we hope to have as many good news stories to share with you and I hope that you see the gains we are making,” says Dean Crow.

To read the 2017–2018 Annual Review of the Faculty of Arts and Science, click here.