PhD student earns prestigious Trudeau scholarship

Bailey Gerrits is working to rid the world of gender-based violence.

Queen’s University doctoral student Bailey Gerrits is one of 16 students across Canada to earn a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship. The unique award has been presented annually since 2001 to the most talented doctoral students in Canada and abroad.

Bailey Gerrits has earned a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship.

Ms. Gerrits (Political Studies) is examining how news coverage of domestic violence within Canada may promote the idea that domestic violence is un-Canadian. Her research is motivated by the desire to create a future free of gender-based violence.

“The award is a huge confidence boost in my research and it really motivates me to continue my work,” says Ms. Gerrits. “The fact that I know people have to live in these conditions also motivates me to continue.”

Along with her academic work, Ms. Gerrits volunteers for various organizations that focus on ending sexualized violence and other human rights violations against women and men, including Kingston Interval House and Sexual Assault Centre Kingston.

“The extracurricular work keeps me grounded and in touch with the people I’m doing this research for,” she adds.

Queen’s alumna Jennifer Jones, who is currently pursuing her PhD in geography at the University of Guelph, has also been named one of this year’s Trudeau scholarship recipients. She completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s in geography and women’s studies.

Ms. Jones has lived and worked in the Yukon for 20 years, focusing on community development and fostering trust between Indigenous people, government and developers with a focus on the mining industry.

The foundation awards students working in four areas of research: human rights and dignity, responsible citizenship, Canada’s role in the world and people and their natural environment.

For more information on the scholarships, visit the website.