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PASS - Peer Academic Support Service

Peer Academic Support Service (P.A.S.S.) is a volunteer service that is run through the Faculty of Arts and Science to assist first-year students with common questions and concerns (scheduling, plan requirements, SOLUS, and selecting courses) during confidential, non-judgmental advising sessions.

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Meet Your Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors:

Academic Advising appointments are booked using a same day service on a first come first serve basis. You may book an advising appointment by visiting our office or by calling us at +1 (613) 533-2470

Student Resource Assistants:

Assistant Dean of Studies:

Associate Dean of Studies

What is...

Swap: a function for single term courses that allows you to exchange a course that you are currently enrolled in with one that is in your shopping cart – this helps with the possibility of losing your spot if you need to drop one before adding the other.

Drop: a function that allows you to drop most courses prior to academic deadline dates – you should be aware that dropping courses may affect your degree requirements, scholarships and/or loans. There is no financial penalty for dropping courses up until the first financial deadline date which is September 25th.

Edit: a function for single term courses, allowing you to change the lab/tutorial/seminar section associated with the course without changing the lecture section.

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Peer Academic Support Service (P.A.S.S.) is a volunteer service that assists first-year students with questions about scheduling, plan requirements, SOLUS, selecting courses and more. The service is designed to ease student transition into university and to promote academic success during confidential, non-judgmental advising sessions.

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You should decide which science courses you want to take based on the suggested courses listed for the Plans that you think you may want to choose as your Specialization, Major or Minor Plans. Learn more about picking your first year science courses.