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So said a Queen's principal a long time ago. It's the beauty of the place, its history, its reputation for excellence. More, it's the people. The students, the professors, the artists and the visionaries - a community defined by its spirit of initiative. Working together, questioning, imagining, creating - making a difference. What are you waiting for? Start exploring...

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We're proud to say that not only are we an official "Intelligent Community" but that the BBC named Kingston as one of the greatest university towns in the world. Kingston is a home-away-from-home not only for students from Queen’s, but also for those attending the Royal Military College and St. Lawrence College - nearly 30,000 in all! We are a student town.

Learn about the alternative admissions process available to Indigenous candidates as well as the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, Aboriginal Awards and Scholarships and Indigenous Studies at Queen's.

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