Degrees at a Glance

The degrees offered in Arts and Science have lots of flexibility to combine two majors (we refer to that as a medial), a major and a minor, a specialization in one area of study or a simply major with lots of room for electives. All of our plans include room for electives and courses across both the Arts and the Sciences no matter what your area of study is. An Honours degree is typically a four-year degree, whereas a General is a three-year degree. When applying, all undergraduate students other than a few exceptions such as Distance and Part-Time Students, will be applying for one of the following Honours program.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Computing
  • Bachelor of Fine Art
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Science

We also offer Dual Degree options for students that are in Engineering or Commerce at Queen's, as well as joint-diploma programs or certificates to accelerate your career path.

We offer over 2600 degree options. Browse through our Departments to see what program may be the right for you. But remember, for first year all you have to decide is the degree program above, you have a whole year before you'll have to declare your major.

If you're looking for graduate school options - we have many of those too - have a look >>