Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the applicable Academic Consideration Guide below to assist you in submitting a request.


No. If you are not missing an assignment or other academic requirement and there are no marks for attending a class, tutorial or lab, you do not need to submit a request for academic consideration.


No. If you are a student from another Faculty (i.e., Commerce, Engineering, Health Sciences or Nursing student, or a graduate student), please contact your home Faculty to submit your request, even if you are asking for academic considerations for an Arts & Science course (e.g., an elective course).


Academic consideration includes but is not limited to: an excused absence, a deferral, an extension, a modified schedule for assignments, projects, labs, or placements, an alternative assignment, a re-weighting of term marks, permission for an incomplete grade, course withdrawal without penalty (this requires an appeal to the Associate Dean of Studies).

Your instructor will determine what academic consideration is appropriate for your course based on the academic requirement(s) you may miss and the essential requirements/learning outcomes of the course. All students who receive academic consideration must meet all essential academic requirements/learning outcomes and standards of the course. Academic consideration does not guarantee academic achievement in a course/program.


Supporting documentation should include information about the impact on your academics and how long the impact is expected to last. Supporting documentation can be:

  • A Student Wellness Services Verification of Appointment slip (only for requests up to 3 days)
  • An Attestation form (only for requests up to 3 days) – please login to the portal and follow the steps to access attestation details
  • A medical report, or medical prescription
  • See Supporting Documentation on Forms|Student Wellness
  • A note from a health care professional or other professional (i.e., doctor, nurse practitioner, social worker, counsellor, occupational therapist)
  • An obituary or death certificate
  • An accident report or  police report
  • A court order
  • Dated receipt of repair (e.g., to demonstrate hardware/software repair)
  • Dated news articles, weather reports or screenshots from a utility provider (e.g., to demonstrate internet access affected by power outage)
  • If you are unable to obtain supporting documentation to demonstrate an unforeseen technological or workspace challenge, please contact our office for support

If you are experiencing an extenuating circumstance and you feel that you are temporarily unable to meet your academic requirements for up to 3 days but do not have access to supporting documentation, you can fill out an Attestation Form. You acknowledge on this form that you are making a request for academic consideration in good faith and understand that any false or misleading information constitutes a breach of academic integrity. Please ensure that this form is filled out before submitting your request.

To learn how to access the attestation form, please login to the portal and follow the steps to access attestation details.

If you are requesting an academic consideration for between 4 days – 3 months, you cannot use an attestation form. You must have supporting documentation that provides information about the duration and severity/impact of your extenuating circumstances on your academics. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Academic Consideration Team in the Faculty of Arts and Science at: or 613-533-6000, ext. 75413.


It is common to experience some degree of stress related to academic deadlines and/or exams. Academic consideration is not intended to be used for situations where you are experiencing academic or exam-related stress. In these situations, you should seek out other supports and service.


Students who are making a request for academic consideration related to a significant event must follow these steps outlined below.  If you are participating in an event at the provincial, national, or international level that is either a Queen's Varsity Athletics event or an event to which you were invited as a distinguished guest, you can complete this form. Please submit requests a minimum of 2 weeks before the sanctioned events or as soon as the event is scheduled.

1. Gather the following information:

  • A personal statement about why participation in the event is significant to you/Queen’s
  • Specific details about what is being missed (ie, exactly what courses, what tests, what assignments, etc.)
  • A copy of the invitation to participate/details about the competitions that determine who is invited
  • Any other relevant details about the event (eg. tournament information, schedules, team details, who is participating etc.)

2. A minimum of two weeks before the sanctioned event, or as soon as the event is scheduled, complete and submit a Request for Excused Absence for Significant Event Form  to either:

  • Queen’s Athletics and Recreation senior management team/Athletics Services Coordiantor – Retention (athletics and Recreation Centre, 284 Earl Steet), for varsity athletic events OR
  • the Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs (Gordon Hall, Room 300, 74 Union Street) for all other significant events
  • BISC Students should submit their requests to the Student Services office at the Bader International Student Centre (BISC). 

3. Upload your signed form to the Arts & Science Academic Consideration Portal. If you encounter technical difficulties please reach out to

4. As soon as possible, follow-up with your instructor(s) either by email or in-person to discuss how you will be making up for the missed academic requirements.  This may require you to complete academic requirements prior to being absent for the event. 


1. You have an ongoing disability and you are experiencing an exacerbation of your disability: Students can receive support for an ongoing disability through Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS). Please send an e-mail to your instructor regarding your specific accommodation needs and CC your accommodation advisor. This is the best means for you to receive the accommodation you require. If you are not connected with QSAS, we recommend scheduling an appointment to meet with the Intake Coordinator at QSAS.

2. If your request is not related to an exacerbation of your disability: If your request is related to an extenuating circumstance (I.e., bereavement, illness, accident), then please submit a request for Academic Consideration for Extenuating Circumstances through the academic consideration portal.


The Faculty Office generally does not accept requests for academic consideration once a course has closed/ended. In this situation an academic appeal might be a recommended academic consideration option. For more information regarding appeals, please visit:    

Requests for retroactive academic consideration after the course has ended should not be submitted through the online portal. For more information regarding appeals, please visit:

Arts and Science students may also reach out to an Appeals Coordinator at:


Once appropriate supporting documentation is received, requests will be reviewed and processed; a confirmation e-mail is then sent to both students and their instructor(s). It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with their instructor(s) as soon as possible either by email or in-person to discuss their request and determine what academic consideration can be granted.

Instructors and students are encouraged to contact the Academic Consideration Team directly at: or 613-533-6000, ext. 75413 should they have any questions, or require further support.


During remote delivery of course for the 2020-21 school year, considerations are being provided to students with unforeseen technological challenges beyond a student’s control (e.g., computer malfunction, intermittent internet access, reduced access due to firewalls in some countries). This consideration is in place for the 2020-21 school year only. Please submit a request for consideration through the portal and ensure that you provide the appropriate documentation. Contact if you need further support.


As an English language school, Queen’s does not have the capacity to translate supporting documentation from other languages. To be able to assess the severity and timeframe of an extenuating circumstance, we require documentation in English.  Here are some options you can explore to provide our office with the information we require:

  1. Visit Forms|Student Wellness to download the Verification of Personal Health Condition or Verification of Confidential Extenuating Circumstances forms. These forms can be completed by a Provider and attached to your request.  
  2. If you are unable to obtain documentation in English, our office requires a verifiable translation. Please use one of the following two options below to translate your document:
  • Translation by Person: The translation must be provided by someone other than yourself and preferably by someone other than a family member. To accept this translation as valid, the translator must submit:
  • Translation by Computer-Generated Software: This translation can be completed on your own. To accept this translation as valid, you must submit: 
    • A completed Certification of Translation
    • A copy of original document
    • Screenshots/photos/scans of a computer-based translation program (i.e: Google Translate) showing the translation of the information contained in your document to English

If you are having trouble gaining access to documentation in English, please contact for further assistance.

  • If you have reviewed the information about Academic Consideration and you still have questions, please contact our team by email at or by calling us at 613-533-2470 during our office hours: Tuesdays from 2:00pm - 3:30pm and Thursdays from 10:30 – 12:00pm